Thursday, July 25, 2013

Witty Banter Continued

I tried Ambien for sleeping a few years ago.  And, of course, it didn’t make me sleep, it made me determined to communicate with others!  So many a phone call was made and many a text was sent and I pieced together what happened after the fact.

It was pretty surreal to have an entire phone conversation about a specific hospital program and not remember the call from its inception to conclusion.  But easy enough to verify that my cell phone was used for 40 minutes, to that location and a neat, rational list of discussed topics, in my handwriting, was by the bed.  


Then online purchased packages started coming. (Granted, even under Ambien, I had good taste, but still!) The end of it came when I tried to cook and left the stove on.


So, this is relevant today in that I had formulated a “Wait until Tomorrow” guideline. (See the little play on words?) Anything I had to type up: Blog Posts, notes for work, emails (especially to management), etc. could be typed up but could not be posted until a morning review and thus my bacon was saved more than once.


So now, with my narcotic tinged brain, the “Wait until Tomorrow” guideline is certainly a wise step.  I have handful of current posts that start out fairly rational and amusing and then, well . . .  


I'm working on it!!

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