Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Dads Come Through!

My thirteen year old, very, very, very much loves the Beiber.  In tears, “Mom why do the haters have to hate on Justin?” “Mom! Justin just broke up with Salina!”

She loses her mind every time I question his masculinity, hair style, apparel, stage presence, talent, etc.

We currently have a Justin embargo at my house. 

Photo of some very brave dad taking a group of girls to see the Beiber.

All of this reminds me of my thirteen year old foray into Shaun Cassidy fandom. 
Masculinity? Hair Style? Apparel? Check, check and check.  
Stage Presence and Talent – You Know It!

So a group of us girls desperately (in the proud tradition of thirteen year old girl desperate) wanted to see his concert.  No parental guidance was to be found but we were overheard by some of the boys. 
Low and behold, one of the neighborhood dads was suddenly in agreement to take us, his son also being in attendance with the group of budding estrogen. (Way to step up dad and well played on the son’s part!)

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