Friday, July 19, 2013

Post for Yesterday

Sadly I was having difficulty finding anything amusing (even in a sarcastic nature) about Necrotic Bowel, Emergency Bariatric Surgery, Kidney Failure, Deep Vein Thrombosis, Multiple Pulmonary Embolisms, wound care, refusal of home oxygen to provide portable tanks, in network, out of network, prior authorizations AND the extensive requirements for medical care management. (There was a time, I seem to recall, that convalescing from an injury did not require extensive intervals on the phone.)

While trying to manage the ongoing debacle of parenting plan modification (which may be irrelevant as I doubt resolution will occur in the next 5 years while my youngest is still considered a minor), acquisition of current payment (much less arrears payments) AND the indication of potentially significant home issues not previously discovered during the inspection process.

AND the overall decline in customer service.  (There was a time, I seem to recall, that if you didn’t do your job you no longer had a job, much less the ability to do the You-Have-the-Audacity-To-Ask-Me-To-Provide-A-Service-!?! inflection.)
BUT today is a new day. So with a You-Have-the-Audacity-To-Ask-Me-To-Continue-To-Attempt-Management-Of-The-Decline-In-Civilization-!?! inflection, I’ll get back to you.

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