Monday, July 15, 2013

Warning no further access to blogging portal.

A preamble so you know this story will be good:

About 12 years ago, we were living on the Military Base in Hawaii with a cluster of other Medical Residents and their families. 

One of the husbands was at work and was going to meet his wife and kids for lunch. There was a mess up on time. He got a little worried and started making calls. 

A few hours later, she shows up kind of amused and kind of mad.  “Don’t you think he over reacted?”  “Oh I could be dead for a month before my husband noticed.”

Later I recounted the story to the then husband and was assured that he would indeed notice, realistically it might be a few weeks but not months.

So, my faithful blog readers, and I do love you, I am at day whatever it is and no queries? No gentle prods? No rattling the bushes, calls to the neighbors, curious Google searches? 

With the very noted and appreciated exception of Jean for the increasingly frantic emails.

Well you almost caught me tits up ("Tits Up" Military Term meaning: Dead, Inoperable, a.k.a. "tango uniform") times three but you missed your chance.   

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