Friday, July 5, 2013

Keep Government Out Of Medicare

I think what we have here is a little too much deficit in understanding these programs and a little too much reliance on the national clown school of information. 

In a month from now, when you have cleaned out mom’s bank account and are trying to place her in a nursing home, and you ask, “How much of the cost does Medicare cover? 80% or 100%?” And I tell you, “They cover 0% and any assets mom ‘gave’ away in the past 7 years will be tracked down and confiscated for her care.” And you come unglued and tell me how mom wanted you to have that money because you were the only one that ever called her on Mother’s day and someone else needs to be responsible to pay for her care, I will ask, “Someone like, oh let me think, someone like the government?” “Damn Skippy!” “Well you go work on that and in the interim we require a 10 thousand dollar deposit.”

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