Friday, July 26, 2013

OMG Twinners!

My seventeen year old came up to help me and having her here was pretty damn helpful! She drives, she cooks, she cleans, she hangs out, she is hilarious and she listens to my stories about when she was a little girl.

So, you know how some animals come hardwired to migrate?  A flock of Terns are hanging out in Alaska, doing their thing, and the Executive Tern Committee has a meeting, decides the flock is going tomorrow at noon.  The teen Terns grumble about it but come noon the flight pattern is established and in use.

Sierra, as a kid, had the need to run away.  There is something else more interesting just around the corner and that is where she needs to be.  Even at the Circus, Air Show, Zoo, Water Park or Beach, the “something else” has the pull. 
Now honestly,  I could see it if we were at Church, the Grocery Store, a lecture on Transcendental Meditation, or a sporting event, then hell yes, let’s start scanning the exits together.   

Sierra's sister, Montana, is 12 months and 2 weeks older. The kids were pretty close in size so I would usually buy two identical outfits.  Then, being a genius, if we did go somewhere and Sierra slipped through the net of containment I could point to Montana and say, “She looks just like this!” 

The identi-apparel action plan was put into place more than once and Sierra was found and returned so I’m calling that a success!


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