Tuesday, June 18, 2013

It’s a win for everyone!

My cute and fantastic girls really wanted to spend some time in Utah with Grandma, Aunts, Cousins and Friends.

Plus the oldest has a boyfriend who she felt was ready for the “baptism by fire” experience of my family. (Having a family of 5 girls and 1 boy, many a boyfriend has been weeded out by the gauntlet of relatives.)


My sister found a small airline that flew from Mesa to Provo for a third of the cost of the tickets from Phoenix to Salt Lake. Since my ex continues to ignore the court mandate to provide child support, I jumped on the opportunity to get everyone discount tickets.


I see you shaking your heads.  An airline with a fleet of maybe 12 carriers does not boost confidence. 
The trip up was without issue.  I even arranged a shuttle service since my eldest booked a 7am depart time for an area at least an hour away from the house. (She is still young and ambitious and without my genetic propensity to stay up in the wee hours of the night to accomplish things.)

But, and you know what is coming, the way back was a bit of a problem.  Well folks, the aircraft is “busted.” The mechanic required is specialized and not in the immediate area and the pool of available alternatives is not so much actual as hypothetical. The terminal is not big enough to accommodate the passengers for an extended period of time and Provo is about ninety minutes away from where my family lives.


Long story short, Grandma drives back down to make sure everyone gets something to eat.  The airplane leaves 8 hours late and spending an entire day with multiple infants in a contained space has hopefully discouraged my oldest from deciding to procreate in the near future. 


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