Thursday, June 13, 2013

I want to speak to your supervisor!

For those of you who don’t know, my first name is Heidi. It is an adorable name and what I went by before my, “Is-There-Anything-Beyond-The-Utah-State-Line” period of young adulthood. 


I moved to Oceanside California and started going by Alex.


The problem is, as the other middle name identification people can tell you, everything legal and official is under your first name.


A typical phone call from people who do not know that I am one of the middle name identifiers, involves: “Hello, this is Alex.”  “I’m looking for a Heidi.”  “That’s me. Heidi is my fist name.”


Then the caller pauses, trying to decide if this is legit, or if Alex has brained Heidi with a brick and stolen her cell phone.


Anyway, my current job is no exception. When I call into customer service for a patient, I give my first name because that’s what matches my company ID.


I’ve been working for months trying to make sense of a particular processing boondoggle.  I guess I finally became such a pest that they called the patient directly after correcting part of the problem.


I got a call from the patient explaining what happened.  “I guess your boss is named Heidi because they told me she kept calling them to fix the issue. It sounds like she was pretty insistent so tell her thanks for me.”

Love it!
“I’ll make sure she knows.”
I wonder what else I can outsource to Heidi.

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