Wednesday, June 26, 2013

I know who is going to Hell.

Some days, do you look at people and sincerely think, “Thank you God for not making them my parents.”

I’m back on my “What is up with the rationally-challenged?” soap box except this is beyond rationally-challenged. I think we are delving into serious psychological disturbances and probably some repression of raging homosexuality tendencies.

The Westboro Baptist Church mostly consists of one really disturbed family, the Phelps.  (The kind of family where it wouldn’t surprise you if you learned they had mummified Grandma and propped her up at the dining table.)

Since they weren’t getting enough attention by staying local and pissing off just one community, they are the group that shows up at any media covered funeral in an attempt to increase their notoriety and piss off as many people globally as they can. 

I'm thinking they are the poster children for daddy issues.

A few highlights of their nauseating protest history: 

One of their first national protests was at the funeral for Mathew Shepard who was beaten to death by two degenerates.

Unfortunately for Westboro, the patriarch of the Phelps family was distracted and did not get a chance to yell profanities at the funeral attendees.  Another very conservative, anti-gay preacher came to the funeral, not to challenge gay rights but to counter The Phelps Family craziness.

At another protest, they got into an altercation with the KKK. 

So I’m thinking if your position is too insane for almost every conservative religion and if your behavior is too extreme for the KKK, you are probably doing your cause more harm than good. 

Most people, even if they share some level of agreement, can distinguish from commitment to a cause and needing to be committed because of a cause.

Aaron Jackson, bought the house across the street from the Westboro Church, painted it Gay Pride rainbow colors and called it The Equality House.

That led to 5 year old Jayden Sink selling Pink Lemonade for Peace and she took in $5,500.  The Phelps family countered by screaming profanities from across the street.

The US Supreme Court recently ruled that the Phelps family had the right to be moronic in public.

However, idiocy is subject to some regulations about proximity to the event.  So now, everywhere they go, some counter protest group provides human cover to block the visibility of the group.  

At one of the soldier’s funerals, a group of bikers formed a semi-circle around the sign toting wackos and drowned out vitriol with engine revving.

It may take a village to raise a child, but it appears that the ranting of an idiot can mobilize a village into action.

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