Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Flamingos in the Kremlin?

The other day I’m in the process of getting an enormous amount of documentation done when the dogs go nuts.  It’s complete, there is a pride of lions in the back yard, type of pandemonium.

So, being the good dog owner that I am (keep your comments to yourself) I go out to retrieve my sweet, but oh so very dumb pets.

I need to set up a few parameters for the conclusion to this story. Per The Communist Manifesto which is also known as The Dreaming Summit, Home Owners’ Association Design Review Guidelines, Rules and Restrictions:

Yard fencing is required and shall be six feet high and shall be block, painted “ICI-614 Stonington Beige.”  (So really it is more of a wall than a fence.)

No figurines, shrines or other artwork are permitted in the front yard. All functional and /or decorative items must be approved before being placed in the front or back yard including but not limited to; swings, benches, stools, etc.

(I’m thinking if a wrought iron park bench is the cause of scrutiny then a flock of pink plastic flamingos may result in the collapse of the more delicate Association Board Members.)

The dogs are facing the back wall, doing their best to express dominance and indignation.

A person of short stature (at least well below the 6 foot height) is making a pink plastic flamingo appear to run up and down the length of the wall, pausing at times to engage in pecking motions towards the dogs.

I find this absolutely hilarious and would like to suggest a similar tactic be used at the next Kremlin based, Home Owners’ Association CLOSED Board Meeting.  (Yes the closed is specified in caps, bold and underlined. Just in case there was some confusion.) 

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