Thursday, June 20, 2013

A Tale of Two Social Workers


When I was working on a dementia unit, I had a really sweet lady who would stop whatever it was she was doing, grin, point her finger at you and say, “You’re the best!”


Her children were going through the court system so they could get guardianship to help manage her money.  (A perfect example of why you should designate a power of attorney while you are still able to do so.)


As per court order, a Sheriff shows up looking like any movie Sheriff you have ever seen including mirrored sunglasses, hat, utility belt, handcuffs and sidearm. He explains that he needs to hand deliver the proposed court order.


I explain the situation and ask if he would rather leave it for me to file in her chart. He is polite but firm. Nope. Following regulations, it has to go directly to her. So I take him back on the unit.


I’m waiting for a finger point and “You’re the best!” proclamation. Instead, she gets really close, reaches up, grabs his face in both hands and kisses him on the lips.  “I love you!”


It was awesome! A tiny, frail old lady making the no-nonsense arm of the law blush like a school girl.


A friend of mine was working for a different facility. One of the new residents walked up to him, coat on and pocketbook over her arm.  She looked him up and down with a critical eye and said, “My God, you are fat!” Then she smiled, patted his arm and said, “Is this where we get the bus?”

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