Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Are you familiar with this kind of kid? Every parent needs at least one kid who is hard-wired to resist conformity.

This is my fantastic non-conformist. 

Granted, when little, there is a lot of wandering off to seek entertainment elsewhere. And, it seems the bigger the crowd the more cunning the escape.   We’ve made friends with the nice officers from Virginia to Hawaii and with MPs from a few places too. 

When presented with an option, she will pick a treat with the highest likelihood of spilling, staining or exploding. Even if the treat is not especially messy her logic will dictate consumption in the messiest way possible.

Social and behavioral assimilation simply does not compute.

As a parent, the saying “pick your battles” trumps most other ideas of parenthood.   
She is a kid who is much more likely to be scream-for-joy exuberant then quietly doing anything.

 She is absolute confident of her place in the world and she is the self-appointed champion to all who are treated unfairly.

And while the energy required as a parent is disproportionally high (we are talking Hoover Dam turbine requirements) the potential of an offspring with determination to right the world's wrongs and the unlimited energy to do so is pretty fantastic.

#Sierra #Sassy


Anonymous said...

Oh I love her! Her stink eye was the best!!!! Jamie

Wendy McPitts said...

I still remember her, about 18 months old, squatting down, diaper sagging to the ground, right in the face of my Great Dane (who was eating at the time), letting my dog know who was boss. No question in my mind she would rule the world one day.