Friday, May 10, 2013

Home Owners Association

I’m trying to find a workable solution to my choice in family pets combined with my current residence. One of the restrictions imposed by the HOA is NOTHING that is not preapproved by the HOA committee can be visible from the street. AND even if it isn’t visible from the street the HOA has the authority to say, “We find that your patio furniture does not meet with our expectations and therefore you will need to remove it.”    

A selection from my HOA handbook:
Animals: A reasonable number of recognized house or yard pets may be kept at the residence. 

Having lived a few places where roosters were recognized yard pets, and for those of you not aware of rooster type behavior, crowing is not reserved only for early morning only. So, I’m thinking OK not every animal is a pet. I’m with you so far.

The Board shall conclusively determine in its sole and absolute discretion whether a particular animal or bird is generally recognized as a house or yard pet, whether said pet is a nuisance, or whether the number of animals or birds is reasonable.

The really have the discretions to say, “Oh no, no.  Four-legged, tail wagging, barking creatures? Too exotic for us. Move them right along.”

I’m waiting for an HOA –v- NAACP showdown.  I’ll bring the popcorn.

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