Monday, April 8, 2013

Total World Domination

Email from my fantastic social work friend:  “Just read my lease. Evidently I live in a crime free, drug free zone.  Damn!”


So instead of violating her lease with a late night, loud music, flow out in the street party, we went to brunch.  We try to arrange for an outing once every three or four weeks where she picks someplace new and fabulous to try.  I’m not in charge of determining the location because I lack the skill and knowledge to branch out from the five mile eatery radius surrounding my home. 


Anyway, this serves as a forum where we postulate on solving world problems.  Then, as the meal progresses, we slowly concede that no resolution appears feasible, given the current socio-economical climate.


Our solution? Total world domination by crabby, middle-aged social workers who will have ultimate thought control power over the global population.  It could happen . . . and if it doesn’t, then at least we will have tried our best to locate the best eggs benedict in the Phoenix area.

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