Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Evolution of Take Out and Delivery

After years of making a stab at domesticity, I am now willing to confess. I have no interest in cooking and not only am I not interested, I also have no aptitude.

So, a little evolutionary time line, illustrating my concession of defeat.

Initially I tried.  My sister (who also has a similar interest and aptitude level) and I took cooking classes that were held at a department store and taught by a television chief.  Over the next 20 years I have made one of his dishes.
However, pretty clever marketing on behalf of the department store.  I did end up purchasing an entire set of copper bottom pans after I became overly ambitious.

The thing a really hate about cooking is the same thing I hate about yard work. Expenditure of energy on a transitory venture.  Give me something a little more permanent and I will work on it for hours but cooking? Plan, shop, compile, prepare, baste, boil, roast, serve, consume, clean and then do it all again.

To keep my kids free of rickets and scurvy, I try to have cereal and milk and bread and sandwich stuff on hand at all times.
Once every five years, I find myself at the bookstore perusing cookbooks.  In a flash of brilliance I bought “Cooking for Dummies”.  Unfortunately it was not beneficial.  What I really need is “Cooking for the Apathetic.”

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