Monday, April 15, 2013


In my quest to outsource all of the unpleasant tasks in my life, I recruited my fabulous neighbor Rachel to help me pack.  And by “help” I mean just do it while I ignore the impeding transition. Believe me, it is money well spent!

Now if I could just outsource my diet or dental care.

Rachel has some really cute kids, two girls and a boy.  They invented Lawn Surfing.  You take a big cardboard box and fold it flat.  Find a hill and stand on the box as it slides down. Ingenious!!

Her youngest told her the other day, "Can I just stay home with my imaginary parent?"  If only it were that easy! Maybe the kids would settle for imaginary dinner.



1 comment :

Rachel said...

ha ha! awesome! :) You know, I like your imaginary dinner idea! I'm going to suggest that tonight ;)