Sunday, April 14, 2013

My Modeling Portfolio

In high school, I modeled for a magazine once. Want to guess what magazine?
Not Guns and Ammo. 

At the shoot, I was instructed to “jam out” while listening to a Walkman. The guy in the shot sat in a chair and looked puzzled.  Interesting set up right.  Want another guess?
Not Vogue.

The article was on caramel covered onions. It’s true! A little object lesson about what type of music you allow to seep in your soul.  It may look wholesome on the outside, but once listened to, the results could be brain hemorrhages, possessions or even provocative dancing.  Now do you know?
Not Scientific America.

I will give you one more hint. It is one of the last magazines that you would think I would be in.

“The onions appear so much like the apples that they could not tell the difference until the onions became a part of them and it was too late.”

Music: Apples or Onions Printed in a 1984 issue of The New Era (a magazine for Mormon teens.)

“Would Satan try to do the same thing to deceive us? Could he even use music, which most of us love dearly, to deceive us? Of course he would use music!”

And thus my modeling career ended.
“What if our faith is destroyed by the music we listen to? Can we afford to listen to that which we know will harm us?”

Then, because I am who I am, I also have to add that concern about the morality of youth being tied to the degradation of popular culture is a very old refrain. Those long haired, hygienically questionable, obnoxious boys, out all hours, going to radical concerts where riots can break out at any time. Like that degenerate  Stravinsky and The Rites of Spring, not at all suitable for the decent French citizens in 1913.   



Rachel said...

where's the picture??!

Rachel said...

I found the article online but they didn't include the picture! grr!