Monday, April 22, 2013

More Job Description

Remember the story of my patient calling me last week at 7 am on Saturday with a request that I find him a carpet cleaning system at a discounted rate? Well, I got the follow up call. 

7 am, this Saturday, “Never mind about that system. I called up the manufacturers and told them I wanted to know where I could go to get that system at the advertised rate or I would sue! They sent me to Kmart. So I have the system and it worked great, except for one spot by the door but what are you going to do?”

Well, evidently we’re going to continue to have an early morning Saturday chat.

Actually, he is a very sweet guy who is pretty lonesome. And if anyone can relate to OCD behavior it is me! Hopefully I’m promoting some good karma so when I’m both old and nuts someone will be a little tolerant.

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