Sunday, April 14, 2013

Hey Baby!

I’ve been on a dating embargo for quite a while now. Every time I’m tempted to go there, I pick a random dating site and thumb through profiles.  And after five minutes I say, “Yep.  Pretty committed to the single life.”  

"I'm a virgin - Update, not anymore.  Sorry Ladies."
And as a representative of single ladies everywhere, we will somehow manage.

No men or boys.
Sounds a little too much like the congressmen who campaign against gay rights
and then they are picked up in an airport bathroom for soliciting sex from other men.

Incase you were confused:
Top Photo: Me just being me.
Bottom Photo: Me just acting kool.
I'm glad he clarified because I was thinking both photos are pretty "kool."

What I'm doing with my life: preparing for death.

Well its nice you have a jump on it. 
Would you be willing to date a woman who was not prepared for death?

I spend a lot of time thinking about: Women Shooting !?!
The most private thing: I have no teeth
(Well at least he doesn't think about women biting.)

So when you met Jesus on March 25, 1975,
was that proceeded by any pills, powder or injectable substances?

Yep, that is the first thing to come to my mind!
Amazing, he looks just like Jerry Seinfeld,
if Jerry dressed like spider man and squatted on top of a pillar.

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