Monday, April 15, 2013


Working in heath care, I have to sign a ton of paperwork. My signature, while never fabulous, has declined over the years into a little upward bump, a line and a little downward bump.


Two years ago, Medicare decided that a legible signature was required on all documents. That is if the company expected things like reimbursement.
Easy enough you are saying, but I’ll warn you, it starts out small and the next thing you know, they are going to expect things like accurate documentation and proof of appropriate follow through


You know they have gone too far when they mandate that prescriptions are decipherable.

Getting kind of big for their britches, don’t you think? Making someone accountable for care? Crazy talk!


Anyway, and this is a good thing, my kids haven’t figured out how to forge my name yet.  It’s not like it would be complicated. 

On the other hand, maybe they are forging my signature. How would I know unless I get a call from the school?

“We just wanted to check, but did you write a note saying your daughter couldn’t go to school anymore because you need her home to dust?”


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