Saturday, April 13, 2013

Annual Family Togetherness

Every year we went on a family road trip, typically to somewhere on the West Coast.  During the drive, mom would read a book out loud or dad would offer some educational take on current events.

To preserve her sanity, mom made each kid a fabric, draw-string bag.  She would pack the bags with little wrapped presents. We could open one present every hour. It was a great idea and it limited the clobbering that generally happens in the back seat. 


Vacation destination involved a swarm of kids let loose from an oversized vehicle.  Yelling, jumping, poking, bags and suitcases in tow, it was like a small army invasion.


My parents generally picked scenic destinations over activity destinations. We drove up mountains, through state parks and down to beaches.  Mom would typical want to see just one more destination and my dad would by “too distracted” to remember to take the turn.  


After a few days, the zenith of vacation enjoyment was reached and everything past that was a slow decline. I have no doubt with 6 kids, one vacation a year was all my parents could have survived.               

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