Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A Single Lady

Yesterday was insane, more field visits than humanly possible, and a call from the attorney about another revision and a call from the real estate agent who needed me to wire ten grand to somewhere in the next few hours. 

Because my phone was a POS (those of you not knowing this acronym probably don’t know BFE either, which my daughter thought was the funniest thing ever said.) it is currently in a little box, returning to India, the land from which it came.

Therefore I cannot get email so she had to drive 30 minutes to meet me in the bank parking lot and hand me an instruction sheet. Then another call from the real estate agent having me meet at her house with the mobile notary to sign 1.5 million pages.

So here are my two thoughts. 

One, evidently the banking system can screw around for an undetermined amount of time and the onus of time flexibility is entirely on the individual agreeing to pay a ridiculous amount of money to borrow a ridiculous amount of money. 

Two, during the signing fest, the notary would explain papers and one paper she said, “This one is saying you are a single lady, qualifying for this loan, on your income alone, excluding child support and alimony.”

And I thought, Damn right I am! I may be a single mom, the hardest job description in the world, and I may have gained enough weight working from home that I have one pair of pants that fits but, I make enough money I can buy a house big enough for me and my kids.

And I got my keys today. Damn right I did!

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