Saturday, March 2, 2013


There are times where having all your bits and pieces pushed up, tucked down, minimized, maximized or even just supported, is longer a primary concern. A few examples from my days working in a care facility.

Wrapping up a case conference with a resident’s daughter who was very pleased with the care.  “The only thing I would like is for my mom to have her bra put on the right way.  It is always on with the cups in the back and the strap in the front.” “Well that certainly is a reasonable expectation.” We held a little undergarment inservice the next day.

Being in Utah, several of our residents were Mormon and they would wear unique underwear.  It isn’t uncommon for people in the care facility to forget to put on clothing and come out of their rooms in a semi-dressed state.  We worked with a very sweet nurse who would walk up to them, put her arm around their shoulder and say, “Your religion is showing.  Let’s go take care of that.”

One day I was working on the assisted living side of campus.  The residents live in private apartments but get assistance with cares. I knocked on the door and heard, “Come in.” The tiniest lady  I’ve ever seen was sitting on her bed, naked, except for a huge wig.  This thing was twice the size of her head.  “I’m ready for my bath now.”

I also worked as a facilitator for a city wide, mental health project for facility residents.  One day the group was talking about laundry.  Facility laundry is always an issue and the poorly run facilities would end up with a pile of community clothes.  One of our male residents commented, “I really like it when I get to wear my own underwear. And if I can’t do that, I really like it when I get to wear men’s underwear.” 

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