Monday, March 25, 2013

The Continued Demonic Possession of my Cell Phone

So yesterday we did a little stroll down memory lane, brought to you by me and Ma Bell. And I mean a stroll past what I remember of communicative technology.  We therefore did not cover carrier pigeons, smoke signals or Morris Code, thank you very much.
But still! Big, heavy industrial handsets and bases, in black only, with huge rotary dials and fabric wrapped cords. Plus it wasn’t enough just to have the unit.  It had to be housed in an appropriate little alcove or nook with a kitchen stool at the ready and writing implements close at hand because talking was some serious business.
Now shuffle on over to instant and ubiquitous communication options. And while some calls may involve sitting in one place for the duration of a call, it doesn’t have much to do with clean kitchens and ruffled gingham aprons.   This leaves me with a couple of cell phone threads to tie back into my original story. 

A few years ago, my nephew got really mad at my mom. So in retaliation he put her cell phone on silent.  After a week of assuming her phone was no longer functional, she went in to buy a new one.  The kid at the counter turned her ringer back on and all was well.
We recently had a scandal at one of the Junior High Schools. (Thankfully not the one my kid attends.) There was an epidemic of kids snapping photos of their junk and then floating it out on the digital sea. Who would have possibly guessed that kids, at the age of little impulse control, poor social skills and getting slammed around by a tidal wave of hormones may not make discretion the better part of valor?
However, what is really disturbing, it appears that a disproportionate number of congress men and senators have the same deficit in foresight and planning as the Junior High kids. Coincidence? I think not.  
So, back to the demonic possession of my cell phone – tomorrow!

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