Thursday, March 21, 2013

Silly Old People!

So here is a happy little story to make you look forward to old age.  I work with a bunch of old cowboys and ranchers.  No ability to contribute to a 401K, no tax shelter and no prospects now that back breaking, bone jarring work, at age 80 isn’t a possibility. Some managed to put together a modest piece of land that the government has eaten up and now most have ended up in a very small, very old homes in various stages of dilapidation.  

Want to know what one of the biggest concerns is? Not enough jets in their corporate fleet? Personal expense account being slashed to seven digits? Nope. Risk of falling in the bathroom. So for maybe $100 in grab bars, bathroom falls would plummet, along with hip fractures, skull fractures and various other, lay on the floor for a few days, kind of injuries.  

While our fabulous and fantastic fee for service system will not fork out $100 in preventative equipment, they will pay $100,000 in cranial surgery slash hip replacement with an extended stay in the ICU. 

However, when reasonable recovery is not considered feasible and care becomes “chronic” well then $100 is going to buy you a single morning med pass.  Maybe.  If you are on some damn cheap meds.  

There is a fabulous community resource in Phoenix that uses volunteers and donations to do home repair for our elderly community members, including safety bars.  God bless them and have I seen some happy folks proudly display some new grab bars! However, they don’t go into the rural communities. 

So, you silly, silly old folks who didn’t plan for poverty and bathroom safety and the lack of multi-million dollar annual bonuses, we throw our hands up in the air and sadly shake our heads and move on to corporate lunch, hopefully at a private gentleman’s club.   

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