Saturday, March 23, 2013

Phone Possession (part one)

Who remembers going to your grandparent’s house and, in a phone nook, sat one of these babies?


Then, if a call did come in, your grandparents got the call, sat down and focused on having a conversation.

In addition, these were a solidly constructed piece of communication equipment which, should the need arise, could double as a formidable weapon.  At least that’s what they would show on TV.  Some defenseless creature made a wild dive for the phone and clobbered the prowler upside the head.  

However, at home, you had the upgrade in technology.  There was a kitchen phone, probably avocado green or mustard yellow, mounted to the wall, with a cord about three thousand feet long, tangled in an enormous knot, leaving you still tethered fairly close to the kitchen table.   

Then all sorts of exciting stuff happened.  Push buttons!
Wacky shapes or futuristic Logan’s Run type of stream line. 
Or, my favorite, the princess phone because one of my friends not only had one but she had it in her room! The very thought made me giddy.

Upgrade with cordless technology, meaning the hand set would be lost approximately 75% of the life of the phone.
That was fine because the home computer could actually do things like connect to the world wide web (invented by Al Gore) with dial up beeping that would leave the phone line unusable for hours at a time.

This was also when I started my foray into being on call for a few of the ERs in the valley. Initially that meant you stayed at home, guarding the phone line, ready to pounce should it ring.  

Then we moved to pagers! Mobility while on call though it always happened that a page would come in again, while on the freeway, forcing a search for a telephone booth.
 “We were just wondering how long it will take for you to get here.”  Well, not having to pull over and find a functioning phone booth would probably speed things up.
I distinctly remember  one of the hospitals went to the unheard of measure of purchasing a mobile phone to pass around to the docs on call. What an extravagance.

So I guess you won’t hear about the actual possession of my LG Quantum until tomorrow!  


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