Sunday, March 3, 2013

On Family

Jean is a most wonderful friend and ex-coworker who has a family that is as nutty as mine.

She calls her mom, “The Trigger Woman.” (I think most moms are.)

She comes from a long line of hearty German women and says about her nephew, “He’s never hugged a skinny woman.”

Finally, when I started working with her, most of my patients died within a week. She said, “I don’t want to know what you are doing to them, but could you go visit my sister?”

Channeling the Grim Reaper could turn out to be lucrative.
Monty Python, The Meaning of Life
Party host answering the door: “It’s a Mr. Death.  He is here about the reaping.”
Grim Reaper: “I am DEATH!”
Host: “Well that puts a gloom on the evening.”
“The Grim Reaper should update.  He should throw away the scythe of death and get a lawn mower.”  Eddie Izzard

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