Monday, March 11, 2013


March being the brag on kids month (which has the added bonus of embarrassing kids) I’m going to share a little story about my oldest. The kid was in Junior High.  She came home one day, “Guess what mom.  I’m on the High School swim team.”  “Fabulous but how did that happen?”  “There were signs up and I went to try out.” So not only is my fantastic kid athletic (through no genetic inheritance from me) but she also has some pretty ballsy take no prisoners determination. 

So in Junior High the kid earned her letterman’s jacket by swimming the fly. (Which, for those of you not proficient in swimming speak, is the butterfly stroke.)

When she was a very young, we took her to infant swim, a program designed to teach toddlers how to float and kick to the side of a pool in case they accidently ended up in a pool. She hated it but hung in there and would do the obligatory “thumbs up” when asked to.


We also lived in Hawaii for a few years and she learned how to surf.  Cute little seven year old catching some waves.

Here are a few of her younger comments about swimming.

“Mom, I’m so tan I’m crispy!”

“Montana, what can you do now that you are seven?” “Play with knifes, but I can’t swim with dolphins until I’m eight.” Well sure! Knifes are easily controlled but those dolphins, you never know
I must done at least a few things right. Not many, but at least a few.

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