Saturday, March 2, 2013

Excuse me but . . .

You know how you are going about your day, doing your part to be a good American consumer? Following Bushes advice, burning oil and spending your cash to show those terrorists they haven’t got you down.

Products purchased and you’re rolling the cart out of the super store, five minutes to spare before you have to go pick up the kids. And, some conservatively dressed, pleasant looking person approaches you with a pamphlet and a huge smile.

Now here is the dilemma, I have no problem smacking down the, I’m selling crap to get points to go to some educational camp and you should give me money because you should.  However, smacking down the true believers seems a little harsh. I thought this response was genius!!

"People passing out Bibles on campus today.
Took one, acting all flustered that someone had recognized me.
Signed the inside cover and handed it back with a handshake.  Said, 'It’s always nice to meet a fan.'  "

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Course Correction said...

Great post. What a wicked way to discourage people handing out books and pamphlets.