Saturday, March 30, 2013

EtOH pt 4 Rx

EtOH pt 4 Rx Translation: The inebriated gentleman in bed four requires medication.

A few more stories from our favorite ER doc who taught us 90% of ER visits in his Florida town start, “See that snake!! Here hold my beer and watch this.”
"This is your tetanus shot." "I don't want a shot!" "Well it prevents lockjaw so you can keep drinking." "Oh, okay then."
"Sit over there and we'll get you a food tray." "I just want to die."  "But don't you want to have a food tray before you die?"

“Here let me help you stand up. You wouldn't want you to fall.”  “Ya I might get hurt.” “Well that and it's an UNBELIVABLE amount of paper work for me if you fall.”
And finally, an item found in a patient’s pocket so he can, “Hurt anyone that comes at me with a needle.”  

The excitement of the ER!

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