Thursday, March 14, 2013

Big Brother

The other day I’m surfing around the internet (an activity that, in my youth, was called thumbing through a magazine) and I come across an article “Barista fired for blogging anonymously.”  A few clicks away, another article, “Catholic School worker fired for supporting gay marriage on Facebook.” Then, following a link I came to “Judge orders man to take down his blog ‘Psycho Ex Wife.’ “

So let me clarify.  Blogging may occur but not on topics about work, religion, sex, legal matters or ex-spouses. Well what the hell else is there? I’m sure sooner or later, every political post will be seized by the government and classified for the protection of national security. 

Then my posts will go like this; I woke up and did something for some time and then went somewhere else where nothing interesting happened and now I am going to bed.

To add to the above infiltration of big brother, I work for a company that is fairly tense about monitoring activities.  For example, I was instant messaging a co-worker named Karla.  I accidently typed kala (full disclosure, I have no idea what kala means, if anything, so if it something profane skip ahead.)

Huge blinking lights emanate from my computer along with a fairly reasonable approximation of a police siren.  Then I’m presented with cap typed signs directing me to stop immediately.  My vocabulary is not indicative of a professional work environment. 

I also have the laptop camera paranoia thing going.  Working from home does not promote following the dress code (of which there is a manual) or any dress code for that matter.

I wonder if it all goes into a naughty file to be dragged out at yearly evaluations. And, because this company loves policy, procedure and flow charts, I wonder if there is an echelon of bad behavior. Incorrect typing of a name, level 2. Constructing a bio-chemical bomb in the break room, level 12. 

Well shit! (And I say that with my work laptop closed and my work phone charging in another room.)


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