Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Best & Worst Run States

Recently I ran across an article of the best and worst run states in America.  Keeping in mind that I recently moved from Utah to Arizona and that karma hates me, want to guess where those states place?


Utah – State number 4
Low debt, big budget, no one is unemployed, everyone is happy. Utah has a “tradition of conservative fiscal management; rebuilding of budgetary reserves after their use in the recession; and a closely managed debt portfolio.” 

There is chicken in every pot, a church at every block and a gun in every closet.

Home of the ill conceived marketing idea for T shirts: SL (Salt Lake) UT (Utah)

 Arizona – State number 47                         
The second-highest foreclosure rate, one in every 24 homes! Voters didn’t approve the continuous tax hike (big babies) and they demanded property tax restricting after home values fell 35%.
Impossible to navigate roads every winter, with the influx of Snowbirds.
Also the weather is controlled by Satan.

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