Monday, February 11, 2013

The kid will never talk to me again!

Savannah has a Justin Bieber obsession. I’m not allowed to poke fun at him, and really, just try and tell me he isn't an easy target for some poking fun blowback. I'm also nver allowed to question his musical genius! She even taught me the Bieber-popularized Cat Daddy dance move. That’s OK because, at her age, I would have had a meltdown if someone talked trash about Shawn Cassidy. Or maybe that’s what wrong with me today.
“I’m not trying to give myself an older image by doing negative things.” Justin Bieber
“Why did they name that poor girl Justin?” Grandma
“Finally, a good role model for young lesbians!”
“Justin Beiber fell off the ladder trying to reach puberty .”

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