Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Saint Jamie

When I die, if there is a god, the ONLY chance I have of getting into heaven is saying, “But wait! Before you render final judgment, I must tell you, I am Jamie’s sister.” Then God will say, “Oh.  I had you slotted for spirit prison, but under the circumstances, I’ll accept you on a probationary status.”  

Today’s email from Jamie:

Just wanted to share a story. I went to volunteer at the Denver's class for the Valentine party. I noticed a little boy with a pair of hiking type boots on. The sole of the right foot was flopping and only holding on by the very back part so every time he walked he had to lift his foot all the way up so he didn't trip. I asked his teacher if he needed a new pair, she showed me the paper she had just traced his boot sole on so she could go buy him some.
His dad recently passed away. His mom is very sick, again don't know details, and has been in and out if the hospital. This little boy's step dad and older brother have been trying to take care of him.
I told her the foundation would like to take care of the shoes. I had the right size boots in the basement so I dropped them off the next day. The shoes I didn't have, so the foundation bought a pair. I just dropped them off at the office. Below is a little update she gave me, it put a smile on my face. I hope it does yours too.

Subject: One Happy Boy!

I just wanted to thank you for the boots and shoes you've sent. That little Jeff came in today with his new shoes on his feet and announced to the class, smiling, "Someone keeps dropping off shoes for me!"

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