Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Reset the Overcharge

A few years ago, Hilary of the family Clinton, per the administration, presented Russian Foreign Minister Sergei of the family Lavrov, with a red button. If you are thinking, Ok, why? And really, Why? Don’t feel alone because Sergei had the same facial expression. “What is this crazy, imperial capitalist woman giving me?”
The US relations department had decided to make a symbolic gesture to Russia. “You know, all that silly cold war stuff, with the spying and the mutually assured destruction and I said some things and you said some things. Well, let’s make up. What do you say?”
In a moment of brilliance, they came up with the idea of a red button, not to launch our countries into thermo-nuclear war, oh no, but to launch our feelings of affection and good will. If you are still saying, um why? I am with you on this. Next time, go for the box of chocolates or novelty boxer shorts.
But wait, the story gets better.
Written on the button was "peregruzka," which some prankster had declared to be Russian for “reset.” What it really means is “overcharge.” Perfect! And a nice, though possibly accidental, description of what drives global policy.

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