Saturday, February 16, 2013

On Being Single

I thought I would a little research on the whole men / women dating thing.

Don’t talk while dancing. It is really hard for most men to track a conversation while attempting the Cat Daddy.

Don’t smudge his handkerchief with lipstick. And if your date has an actual handkercheif, you better get some additional information on his living arrangements. 
Don’t look bored or chew gum because men hate gum chewing women who fail to be enamoured by their witty double entendres. 

Don’t make your date wait and if you show that much leg missy then he can only conclude you are that kind of a girl and probably a gum chewer to boot! 
Don’t get silly! He is looking for the maker of his meals and the washer of his clothes. Silliness corresponds with sloppy home management. 

And what ever you do, do not wear wrinkled stockings or forget your brassier! After all, what if some night, he brings home unexpected dinner guests and you are walking around without the proper undergarments? Grounds for divorce!
After this review, I've come up with a new plan. 

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