Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Necessary Items in Sky Mall

Having recently experienced an overabundance of Sky Mall perusing, I thought I would share some of the traveling gems.
After paying an extra $45 to get an aisle seat on a very full flight home, my biggest limitation to self-entertainment was the short lifespan of my cell phone and laptop. I had to strategically space out the entertainment allotment so I didn’t end up with hours of unoccupied flight time. With that in mind, how useful would this have been?
Powerbag Instant Messenger, with a battery for charging my various devices, so I could explore blogging options the entire, fighting a headwind, extra hour coming back, flight time. (I’m thinking I really need to pay out the $200 for this thing. Especially considering my phobia of being left entertainmentless.)
This is another awesome idea, Tugo Cup Holder. Here I am, climbing out of the cab, at the last minute, big dumb roller bag without a flat end so it won’t stand up by itself. (A flaw I should have explored prior to purchasing, and believe me, I will do an all-sides inspection should I ever have need to purchase luggage again.) A shoulder bag, a size down from my usual black-hole size bag because I wanted to wear the brown shoes not the black shoes. (You know what I mean right?) And the world’s largest, heaviest laptop and padded travel bag, courtesy of “The Job We Will Wait and See.” Then I have a jacket, even though I’m already starting to sweat, and a box of baklava. (Well, would you travel without some obscenely sweet and sticky dessert?) Juggling all of this, especially on the shuttle to long-term parking was ridiculous and no consideration was possible for carrying a beverage. (Usually, the black-hole shoulder bag is large enough to pack a few bottles of Diet Coke but not this bag, so it was almost a critical situation.)
Oh I wish I could sleep on a flight but even with an entire row empty and even when they provided the plush 2 feet by 2 feet blanket and the tiny teeny pillow, luxurious as that was, sleeping wasn’t realistic. However, with the inflatable, 17-inch SkyRest Travel Pillow, well I can’t even imagine the possibilities! (How, exactly, does one re-inflate the travel pillow once on board? Two hours of blowing into a tube? I guess it’s only for a very long, long flight.)
And the crowning glory of Sky Mall, The Ostrich Pillow! For a trifling $100, you can fly in a dark and quiet environment, and look, well, like this! I am positive, TSA would have no issues, what so ever, allowing this festive item through security. Furthermore, if your goal is to escape from the current surroundings, this, in no way, would call attention to yourself. Perhaps, something to try at the next staff meeting.
I can’t wait until my next flight to peek at the Sky Mall purchasing options.

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