Saturday, February 16, 2013

Mormon Swag

It appears that I do not have the capacity for moderation. I am very indecisive and take an enormous amount of time to formulate a plan.  However, once the plan is formulated, then it is all or nothing and the all better happen immediately.

So being raised Mormon, when the end of my participation came, it came in a big way.  It wasn’t enough to no longer be a Mormon and let bygones be bygones. Oh no! Single handed ruination off all things Mormon was the immediate goal.

Unfortunately for me, destruction through my loathing didn’t appear to be on the Mormon agenda. 

Out of necessity, I’ve had to mellow with age. I still can’t attend a church meeting (not that my attendance is ever requested) without having a compulsive desire to run screaming from the building.
However, the Mormons and I have come to a sort of uneasy d├ętente.  They try to track me down when I move from state to state and I try to turn away the church visitors without making them cry. Fair enough!

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