Saturday, February 9, 2013


My middle kid will be a senior this year. A senior! I know, you look at me and say, “No, no, not possible! Surely you, yourself have only recently graduated from High School.”

But yes, it is true! I have an almost-legal-adult child!
Anyway, I found some of her sayings from Kindergarten and I thought, in the spirit of child embarrassment, I would share some.
Kindergarten words: Delectable means delicious, visualize means to picture in your mind, tremendously means big and wide or very good job. Elaborate means tell me more, elated means happy and details means adding more little things.
Sierra, while walking around the house, picking up little things with tongs and putting them is plastic bags. “I am solving a crime.”
“I can float on water because I eat healthy things.”
“I want a swimsuit that’s not connected.” (A bikini)
“Sierra, why are you so slow?” “Because my shoes aren’t very fast.”

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Anonymous said...

I remember being on the one with you when the detective thing happened, you told the girls to go to bed. I could hear them protest, " but mom! We are investigating a crime!" Jamie