Saturday, February 9, 2013

I'm calling in Gay to work.

Wouldn’t it be more productive to focus some of this outrage on things like the latest UN scandal, Congressional extra-marital sex or even a probe into how much of a nut job Pat Robertson is?
“If homosexuality is a disease, let's all call in queer to work: "Hello. Can't work today, still queer." ~Robin Tyler
“Isn't it a violation of the Georgia sodomy law for the Supreme Court to have its head up its ass?” ~Letter to Playboy magazine, February 1987
“Why is it so hard to find a man that’s attractive, cultured, caring and nice?” “Because he already has a boyfriend.”
“You could move.” ~Abigail Van Buren, Dear Abby, in response to a reader who complained that a gay couple was moving in across the street and wanted to know what he could do to improve the quality of the neighborhood.

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