Friday, February 15, 2013

“Hey Big Boy. Wanna’ dance?”

"If we're gonna’ dance, I'm bringing the band."

I did a home visit yesterday.  Nice guy, doing great and I’m asking the three thousand questions for the new assessment protocol.

I get to home safety and I ask about firearms in the house. “Oh, we’ve only got a few.  I think it’s around 20 or maybe 30.” Then he shows me the arsenal. Yep, at quick glance, about 20 to 30.

He has a huge pistol, loaded of course. He unloads it and hands it to me.  “Now this is really too big for a lady to use.”

I must say I concur. It’s got to weigh 20 pounds. I would be better off throwing it at an intruder’s head than trying to fire it.

So I’m thinking I’ll be making a call from the car anytime I visit.  “Just me coming in. Not an intruder.”  The adventures of social work!

”Why do you carry pistols everywhere?” "Because a cop is too heavy and won't fit in my pocket."

"Big guns defend people against people with smaller guns."

“Over 85% of all murders were committed with handguns.” "Would you feel better if they were pushed outta windows?"

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