Tuesday, February 12, 2013


I come from a long line of very, very, and did I mention very, frugal women. According to my DNA, there is something innately sinful about buying an object at full price. Or better yet, don’t buy something, find stuff at hand and cobble together an alternative. (For example, instead of buying a sun hat, my grandma had an ingenious way of folding a paper bag into a bonnet. You see where I’m coming from on this right?)
In addition to being frugal, she was also very short and not mechanically inclined. Like many women of that era, she didn’t learn how to drive until later in her life and she never got the hang of judging speeds, distances or turning radiuses. I remember driving with her once when she turned onto the freeway in front of a car who gave her a derogatory honk. She responded with, “You could have waited for me, you big galoot!” (Really, “galoot”, a term that was already antiquated in her youth.)
I digress, my point is, even though she was married to a physician and fairly well off, she chose to drive an old Dodge hatchback that had been modified in a home-type fashion for her stature and difficulty understanding the mechanisms.
As far as I know, none of my forbearers thought to construct a floatation device, and I guess without ready access to plastic it would have been difficult, but I’m sure they would have been appreciative of the ingenuity.

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