Sunday, February 17, 2013


When I was in Jr High and a contentious event occurred, there were a few options for dealing with the situation.  The least confrontational was to write a note, with purple pen and make circles instead of dots to mark the i’s. “You Stink!” Then fold it into an elaborate triangle and shove it through the vent slots of the offender’s locker.

Next step up the confrontation ladder? Strategically sit within ear shot of the friend of the offender and make disparaging remarks. “She thinks she’s so great but she isn’t even that pretty.”
Really mad and a little daring? Place a call to the offender and say something slanderous, “You are a slut!” and then hang up.

When those steps aren’t satisfactory and you are willing to risk life and limb? Then it’s face to face, in the girls’ bathroom. Outcomes depend on a number of factors like witnesses present, verbal ability and availability of backup.

Now, Facebook brings Jr. High potential to the globe! What an advancement!

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