Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Prom Dress (Fabric not Duct Tape)

The oldest kid wanted to go to her Prom, a reasonable request. She didn’t have a date so she was going stag with her friends. (I wish that was an option when I was in school!) She found a dress online and asked me if I would buy it. I gave her thumbs up and told her to use my pay pal account. We even paid extra for rush shipping. Then she went with her Aunts to buy matching shoes and a small clutch. (Aunts always have better taste than moms.)
Two days before the dance I noticed a credit in my pay pal account. So I called and they had stopped payment on the dress because it looked like it was fraudulent charge. Poor kid! So I sent her a check pronto and the night before the dance she found a dress she liked. Saved from prom disaster at the last minute!
This year, same thing, she wants to buy a dress online for the homecoming dance. I’m trying so hard to not be my mom on matters of appearance but, before I can stop myself, I ask, “Is this something you’ll ever wear again?” Damn my maternal limitations!
I suggested the idea of duct tape outfits because they appear to be popular. Evidently I am “not funny!”

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