Monday, January 14, 2013

Parenting – I’m Doing It Right!

A review of the day with the almost 13 year old.
The kid showed me a little Justin Bieber doing The Duggie and The Cat Daddy so I will be a cool dancer.
Evidently the Pony, the Twist and even the Shopping Cart are no longer indicative of cool. (And, for that matter the word cool is also no longer cool.)
I take the kid and her friend bowling. There is a birthday party doing The Cha Cha Slide so I engage in a little mini Duggie. The kid gives me the evil eye.
Then, a dad a few lanes down, breaks out in some full on MC Hammer! His kids flee, faces covered. See honey! Someone is doing the Shopping Cart and he looks pretty cool.
On the way home, the kid is joking around changing the radio and doing the thump the chest, what are you going to do about it move. I calmly take out my gum and attempt to stick it on her forehead. She turns to a fake three year hissy fit.
The best part, the mom in the SUV beside me, sticks her hand out the window and gives me a big thumbs up. Mom’s got to stick together!

#Savannah #Embarrass 

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