Thursday, January 31, 2013

Nose in a Book

When I was younger I loved to read. I always had a stack of books to counter the possibility of boredom. My favorite place to read was in the tub. As you guessed, this led to more than one paperback being tossed.
I just don’t read anymore. I don’t know if it’s because I spend leisure time on the computer or if my attention span has dwindled beyond ten printed pages. Either way I’m becoming illiterate. I would be surprised if I read on a third grade level.
I blame my religious upbringing for the death of my patience. Hours of sitting still, in a dress, with nothing interesting to do really sucked up a lifetime of tolerance.
To counter this, I carry around a huge, black-hole type of bag that I can stuff with items of entertainment. I live in fear of having to wait somewhere without a way to become occupied. (I’m sure there is a medical term for that.)
I’ve become fairly adept and attending meetings and appearing to participate while I do my own thing. (But not at this orientation. There are only two us and It’s pretty obvious if I pull out my notebook and start blogging. )
I really should start reading again. Then, instead of a bag with my laptop, the notebook of organization, MP3 player and whatever project I’m working on, I would only have to bring a paperback.
I wonder if Channing Tatum has a book club.

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