Thursday, January 3, 2013

I Love a Parade - Not

In Salt Lake City there is a huge July parade celebrating Pioneer Day. (You probably knew that.)
This will also surprise you, but I don’t like parades. Shocking, I know, that the hermit who doesn’t like anything, would not enjoy a parade. As a side comment, another day I’ll post my feelings about Disney Land. For now, let’s just say, they have a multitude of parades.
So parades, generally involve furnace weather, a crush of people and an assembly of marching community leaders that I don’t know and have never heard of.
In my high school band, I was a fluteis with a shako, or if you prefer, I played the flute (and not very well, I might add) with a big old band hat. Therefore, I marched in many a parade where I attempted to avoid many piles of horse poo.
In addition, even if you aren’t attending or participating in a parade, chances are good, the street you need to drive to will be closed.
Back to the Pioneer Day Parade. Instead of going to the parade, my dad would drive us into Salt Lake the night before to see everyone sleeping out. Some of the people were pretty ingenious, setting up elaborate shelters. My dad said, “That’s more entertaining than the parade.” I would have to agree!

The Prairie Schooner float Utah's 1897 Pioneer Jubilee 

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