Sunday, January 13, 2013

How Long Does It Take?

A fun new game in where I pose the question, “How Long Does it Take?”
Question one: How long does it take for a Notebook, once placed in my hands, to meet its demise? Well, if you have been paying attention, and I am sure you have, the shortest time is an astounding three months.
Question two: How long does it take to find a house, purchase the house and move all of my crap from one house to the other, hopefully crap-free house? OK, unfair question because I’m not counting the previous time spent where I have thumbed through and disregarded options and the time spent getting a pre-qual because considering question number three, that is now null and void. Bearing in mind that my current, rented residence is now in “active foreclosure” I’m guess the answer had jolly well better be “a few months.”
Question three: How long does it take to find a job? Well, from start to finish, end date November 18th and start date Jan 27th. When I post the “doubting the existence of God tirade,” redirect me back to this ok? Somewhere in the universe, someone or something smiled on me big time!
Our final question for this round. How long does it take to have an order signed by county court? And the answer? Three months, to the day. Three freaking months! Also please note this is after 18 months in court to arrange for the order. So, I’m not holding my breath until I actually receive the order because I am sure earthquake, fire or human sized flying scorpions will be involved somehow preventing the mailing of the document. Then we will commence with part two of the continuation of court. At this point, I am anticipating more time spent in the judicial system than actual time spent married. At least I have a much more amicable relationship with my attorney that I did with the other involved party.
And I would like to thank you for playing.

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