Monday, December 17, 2012

Thorazine the Wonder Drug

Thorazine is a drug that basically it makes you chill out. (If you really want to know, it is a dopamine antagonist of the typical antipsychotic class of medications possessing additional antiadrenergic (anti- anxiety), anticholinergic (inhibits parasympathetic nervous system) and antihistaminergic (manages allergies) properties. I bet you are sorry you asked!)
It is used to treat schizophrenia and to control nausea and nervousness before surgery. So of course, it is also used to manage behavioral disorders.
The pharmaceutical industry would be thrilled if every drug had an off-label use (not an FDA approved use.) They can’t promote their product for that use but they also don’t have to prove it really works for that use. Ah, the benefit of doing an end run around the FDA.
These are the side effects of thorazine; breast enlargement in men and women, changes in vision, chest pain, confusion, drooling, restlessness, dark urine, falls, seizures, uncontrollable movements and unusual bleeding or bruising.
So why isn’t this also used as an alternative to breast implants? There is some money to be made! You might drool or fall down, but you look damn perky doing it.

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