Monday, December 10, 2012

The Winter Foundation

8 years ago, my sister Jamie started the Winter Foundation. (She is the sister who will be the only reason that I get into heaven. Oh you’re sisters with Jamie? Well come on in!) Jamie’s twin sister Emmy teaches in a very poor school district and had a class room full of kids with basic clothing needs.
So Jamie, shopper extraordinaire started hitting all the after Christmas clearance sales and stored warm kids’ clothing for next year. Anyway, the project has really expanded! She hosts a Christmas party at the school for the kids. At the same time, she delivers a trailer load of presents to give to the parents for their kids. Here is a portion of the letter she sent out this year.
Hello friends and family, I just wanted to give an update on The Winter Foundation.
The boy the foundation was started around, Joey, was Emmy's 1st grade student 8 years ago. Emmy let me know he didn't have boots so we bought him some and it snowballed from there. Joey's mom and dad are drug addicts and constantly in and out of prison. Parental rights were given to Joey's aunt, Amber. She was single and didn't have any kids. She got a brain tumor though, and recently passed away. Joey is in 8th grade now. He temporarily lived with his aunt's boyfriend after his aunt passed.
Many of the teachers and administration from South Clearfield (where he went to grade school) went to the aunt's funeral. Joey saw Emily there and started crying and just put his head down and could barely talk.
I talked to Joey's counselor again today. Joey's 20 year old brother has taken custody of him. His brother is recently married- I am sure it's not an ideal situation to have your 20 year old brother be the parent, but the counselor met with his brother and seems to think it's the best solution for the situation he's in.
I contacted his Jr High to ask about providing Christmas to him. His counselor was very excited to hear there would be help and knows Joey very well- he said if there's any kid in the entire school who needs it it's Joey.
Thank you for all the help everyone has given to make this foundation work. We are helping 220 kids at 8 schools. Thank you to everyone who has helped, it is a huge undertaking but with everyone's help it somehow gets done every year. Much gratitude and love. Jamie
Jamie named her charity the Winter Foundation because for years she has intended to adopt a little girl which she already named Winter. Last year she finally got to bring Winter home.

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